Our Team

Marygrove employs a dedicated and skilled team of over 260 employees which includes licensed therapists, recreational therapists, a nursing staff, teachers, administration and a large support staff led by a chief executive team with over 100 years of combined experience in the field.

Marygrove is led by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of leaders from the community who give their time and resources to the organization. Board members come from diverse backgrounds, each offering a unique expertise which lends to the overall success of the organization.


  • Timothy M. Drury – President
  • Robert G. Porter – Vice President
  • David B. Helms – Treasurer
  • Roseanne Henkel – Secretary
  • Samuel P. Jenkins – Strategic Planning


  • Connie J. Brooks
  • Bob Cerame
  • Rachel A. Covington
  • Rev. Thomas French, S.M.
  • DeAnn Gueck
  • Frank Haase
  • Elliott Henry
  • Dr. Deborah L. Kerber
  • John A. Key
  • Brigid McNamara
  • Chiung Tyan Tan
  • Hon. Gina Walsh
  • Susan Werner
  • Ted Wheeler
  • David Wilson
  • Theresa Ruzicka, ex officio


Sr. Helen Negri, LCSW, BCCSW
Chief Executive Officer

Rose Crofford, ACSW, LCSW
Chief Operations Officer

Julie J. Gary, PhD, MPH
Chief Development Officer

Laurie Krieger, CPA
Chief Financial Officer


  • Djuana Baer – Residential Services
  • Mike Baer – Transitional Living Program
  • Thomas Coleman – Information Technology
  • Erica First – Crisis Services
  • Al Fischer – Food Services
  • Pat Foster-Staples – Nursing
  • Cathy Herbert – Overnight Services
  • John Keller – Accounting
  • Michelle Koerner – Admissions and Therapy
  • Marcia Koester – Mission Integration
  • Robin Morrow – Lakeside
  • Joe Mueller – Mentoring
  • Courtney Noto – Development
  • Kelly Peplinski – Intensive Needs Units
  • Wendy Pikula – Educational Services
  • Sharon Richardson – Human Resources
  • Stephanie Sparks – Independent Living Program
  • Pat Tyler – Quality Assurance
  • Steve Vila – Environmental Services
  • Kevin Wilsey – Recreation Services
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